Dorset Wedding Photography - FAQ

Please contact us to arrange a portfolio meeting and Nigel R Ware lrps can answer any questions you may have about your special day.
*Do I travel?
Yes Contact me get an estimate. Basic car travel is 0.45p a mile.

* Am I available on your wedding date?

Contact me to find out.

* How much do I charge?

My prices start from £870

* What do we get with you?

Full resolution images in colour, black and white, colour black and white mix and contemporary finishes. An online gallery where all your images can be downloaded for free and printed up to 12×9 inches. Free air brushing if required, plus much more check out my prices page.

* Do we have to pay for reprints or copies?

No, you the client will have the same images that I have, so you can source your own printing.

* Do I supply wedding books?

Yes, but I don’t insist on taking payment for books until after you the client have seen your images, and there for are better equipped to know what size book to order with the right amount of pages.

* What do we do if it rains on our wedding day?

This is not as disastrous as it sounds, many shots can be done inside, also if your game for your romantics, we can use umbrellas.

* How do we book our wedding with you?

Simply contact me via phone or email to arrange a meeting with me so you can view my portfolio in the flesh and also meet me and see if I am someone you want to have at your special day.

* Can we book you as our photographer without meeting you?

Yes, just email me and I will email you my booking form.

* Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes, £100 deposit is required to book your wedding photography.

* Am I insured?


* Have I covered a wedding at your venue before?

Probably yes, but with so many new venues maybe not. If I have not covered a venue before then I research that venue and also arrive many hours early on the day to talk to venue front of house staff to make arrangements for group shots and wet weddings. We can also meet at your chosen venue well before the big day.

* Do I work alone?

Yes generally over the years of up to 150 guests, but if you require groom prep and bride prep covered along with different angles during the ceremony, also couple shots of all your guests and generally a blarger bulk of reportage images then you may be advised to spend the extra £250 for me to commission another professional wedding photographer.

* Will I be the photographer covering your wedding?

Yes, I am the main photographer at Affinity.

* Do I supply prints on canvas, framed prints etc?

Not really, as you the client will have the same image files I have, so it always works out cheaper for you to source your own canvas/prints. If you so wish I can supply you, but I will need to quote on an individual basis.

* Do I charge for traveling?

Not for Dorset and west Hampshire, South Wiltshire weddings, but sometimes for further afield venues. Charges are worked out from time traveling as well as fuel.

* Do I charge VAT and are there any hidden extra charges?

No I do not charge VAT and there are no extra hidden charges.

* Can we contact you any time to discuss our wedding arrangements?

Yes, I am available any time for your questions, before and after your wedding.

* Do I do other types of photography?

I specialize wedding photography, although I do enjoy landscape photography as a hobby. I prefer to leave my professional time for weddings and want to be sure to provide my clients with a fast and efficient service. I do take on magazine shoots and commercial.

Tel: 07801 541058

Email: nigelrware@mac.com

23 Arcadia Road



BH23 2JF

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