Haven Hotel Dorset wedding photography | Favorite images 2016 review

So this is my first blog post which is my Dorset wedding photography 2016 review of my top five favourite photos from my 2016 weddings. I am writing this in early December with two more weddings still to do, so seems a bit premature in one way but as I have so many weddings to get through I best start now as I do not have much rest bite in January 2017 with two weddings booked in for early and late of the month.

This wedding was of Nikki and Steve’s special day way back in late January 2016, at the Dorset hotel fjb Haven Hotel overlooking the Sandbanks ferry. The first image early at the start of the day I have picked as special as due to lots of contributing factors and not just one thing, which to be honest is the key thing about an image being a top image.

Bridal prep

That end of bride prep image is always that special moment when the hair and makeup are all complete and the bride takes that first finished look in the mirror, it is a crucial critical moment where I always feel the stylists are holding their breath for approval and watching the bride’s face for any sign of disapproval, which is a very rare thing to happen by the way! Nikki in this picture is not posed and looking beautiful and happy and we the viewer are focusing on her eyes which inform us of everything. Now the key technical element of this photo is the lighting. This was the first wedding I used external lights for bridal preparations, which I have loved doing this year and will continue. In this image the light is highlighting only Nikki’s eyes which is the key thing about my bridal prep lighting, I can focus the light on what is the most important element, the face. The light is also lighting up the Tiara and hair which would also be the focus of Nikki’s gaze as well as her eyes.


fjb haven hotel poole wedding photography beachFather of the bride

Another key moment in the wedding day is the Father of the bride or whoever is giving the bride away on the day escorting the bride to the ceremony. The Haven hotel has an opportunity on the stairs to get a natural light shot from a North facing window. I have picked this shot as the lighting is giving just enough information on the subjects faces which is in contrast with the framing of the subjects from the shadow areas. Completely not posed and as it happens which is everyone’s favourite type of photo. This photo has been picked from this part of the day as the story is being told from very little pictorial information such as facial expression. Just by one look we know what is happening in this picture and there is nothing to distract the eye from that simplicity.

fjb haven hotel poole wedding photography beachRomantic bride and groom looking relaxed

One of the sections of a wedding day I always really look forward to, as it allows me to be creative and make images that really stand out and impress! This is the moment when I can really control almost everything and make an outstanding image. This was again a first, as I used off camera lighting for this shot which took a bit of fiddling about getting the strength of light correct as I wanted darken the background and correctly light the subjects. I am really pleased with the result of this image as the day was cold but once I got out onto the spit of rocks, the wind was far stronger and very bite cold! I really had to rush to get the setup correct as I feared that Nikki would start feeling the cold and look uncomfortable in the shots, but I needn’t of worried we got done really quickly as I was definitely feeling the cold! I love the wind blown dress and that loving kiss with the dramatic Wuthering heights sky and echoes of what could have been with the nod to the French Lieutenant’s Woman finally getting her man.fjb haven hotel poole wedding photography beachWedding cake

Not often I will select a picture of a wedding detail as a favourite but this shot is a special case. The cake is one I have never seen before with the Lillie’s supporting the top tier. Also the other aspect here is the lighting. I used my off camera lighting for this shot which I have never done before or since as often the trend tends to be using natural light and making the detail image light and airy. This image has a lot more drama about it, if you can make a cake photo dramatic, which I do not believe you really can, but I just like this shot it is refreshing to me.

fjb haven hotel poole wedding photography beachFirst dance

Often the last photo I take on a wedding day is this shot, the first dance. A shot I often make very dramatic with off camera lighting and a lone couple on the dance floor looking in love. This shot is very different! The bride and groom are the only people well lit on the dance floor, concentrating the viewing eye on the bride and groom. The bride is engaging the camera by looking directly into the lens which I feel strengthens the image by also concentrating the eye to be fixed on the couple which makes for such a strong image. I have given this image a tint to limit the amount of distracting colour but still keeping a hint of colour which fools the eye into thinking it is a normal natural colour photo.

fjb haven hotel poole wedding photography beach



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