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As a Bournemouth and Dorset wedding photographer, over the years I have seen an increase in these lovely little added extras of wedding signage. I have to say I really like them, some may say they may not be for them, but when any couples request me to bring along any signs I am more than pleased do that. I bring my own signs along for free as well, non of this extra charging for something that really is no bother! and if anything can add that little something extra to the images, I am all for it. Either for pre wedding shoots, or the actual wedding day or for my photo booth experience I find people love the wedding signs, I have to point out though if you want to use signs for the decor of your wedding venue then you will need to source your own, as my signs are for people holding up to camera!

These love heart signs at a pre wedding shoot at Highcliffe Castle.

bournemouth dorset wedding signs

I loved this shot I did at the beginning of the year at the Royal Marines Museum Hampshire with the little flower girl holding the sign that the groom had purchased specially for the big day, and after the wedding, I purchased from him, and now am the proud owner of it.

bournemouth dorset wedding signs

Not all signs that appear in my images are mine, and this goes for the signs you will see that play part of the decorations of the wedding venues. At the moment I feel that these decor signs still look fresh and not tired, and I feel that the trend has legs to run for a bit, but I do wonder how many couples planning their day are really bothered by trends, at the end of the day the things that make the cut on your wedding day are things that have a resonance with you as a person,  if it feels right, run with that idea.

These signs were purchased specially for the table decor at the Bournemouth Royal Bath Hotel, which is one of my favourite Bournemouth Hotels for my Bournemouth wedding photography business, these sorts of aspects just cry out to be included in my free high art edits.

bournemouth dorset wedding signs

We have had the romance of wedding signs, how about making wedding signs fun? well here are a few images to really punctuate the fun in signs starting with this save the date image at Titchfield Abbey.

bournemouth dorset wedding signs

At the time of writing this post, I have as yet only used this sign once, and I tend to save it up for those people who you know are BIG dancers, and in this case it turned out to be the groom! at a wedding in Yorkshire.

bournemouth dorset wedding signs


bournemouth dorset wedding signs

Of course for photos and all these trendy vintage rustic signs, there is the possibility that you may want something far more personal, and bringing your own sign with you is a winning way of achieving this, and it can be as simple as just writing what you have to say on a piece of paper with a pen. At the end of the day, it is all about what your happy with, and it can even be doing a bit of graffiti some where (legally/temporary), all of these things are just ideas, floating about on the ether, ready for you to pluck and discover your own unique idea for those few winning images, and remember, that all this is just for one or two photos, those really romantic touching images are the reportage images of you both when you are just chatting, laughing and just being with each other. At the end of the day these signs are whats popular at this moment in time, and as we all know times and fashions change, but love never does!

bournemouth dorset wedding sign

Have you got any ideas of anything in the way of wedding signs?

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