Bournemouth Dorset wedding photographer | Sneak peek Barry & Kym

Bournemouth,dorset,wedding,photographerA little wedding photographer sneaky peek of Barry and Kym’s big day in a Bournemouth church in Dorset last weekend. Their first look colour images are all edited and ready for them to view, but as they are still away on honeymoon I don’t expect to hear from them for a while about their further editing. I have done a bit of editing on these two images, black and white specialty above and a bit of high art below. The black and white shot was done with just natural lighting and a tiny bit of fill in flash bounced off a nearby wall, and the below image used one off camera light which just picked out the bride and groom and I under exposed the surroundings to highlight them both. When photographing inside a church as a wedding photographer, it is important to not just concentrate on head and shoulder shots, but also include the majestic nature of the surroundings, this is really important and so easily over looked. The patches of white on the floor in the below image is from the candles that sometimes are used inside the church, so big piles of wax.

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